This site is made to ~Motivate~and~Inspire~.

So please check around and see all that it has to offer.

* Phantom Regiment has just started its Winter season so either expect lots of pictures here :)

Or nothing at all because I'm practicing to much in which you can expect pictures after season. ;)

Thanks 4 Visiting<3

-The Guard-05/06-<3

-The Guard-05/06-<3



Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best

I'd rather be in a guard without a life, rather than in a life with no guard.

*The heart and soul of every performer is fueled by the desire to take the emotion out of the crowd and replace it with the fury of the best performance of their lives*

a gaurd that counts together, stays together

There are 2 types of people in this world, those who spin and those who wish they could

Some people dream worthy accomplishments, others stay awake and do them

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Anonymous said...

ok wow again.i love this inspirations. hope you don't mind but the guard i'm on could use them.